Welcome to the Collegiate Development Program at TPC Las Vegas

The CDP is an instructional program for the competitive minded junior that wants to take their game to the next level.  The sole goal of the program to put them on the path to play college golf.  Key areas of a junior player’s game will be addressed, everything from a player’s technique to their attitude while playing tournaments.  The program is taught by former Division I Collegiate Golf Coach Matt Henderson, (University of Tennessee) with his experience in the around the college game there is no one better to develop your junior in the Las Vegas Valley.

Why Choose Us

  • Expert Instruction: Led by former Division I Collegiate Golf Coach, Matt Henderson (University of Tennessee), our program offers unparalleled expertise in navigating the competitive world of college golf.
  • Holistic Development: We go beyond technique, addressing all aspects of a junior player’s game, ensuring they are well-equipped for success both on and off the course.
  • Proven Track Record: Our program has a track record of success, with many of our alumni securing spots on collegiate golf teams across the country. Some of which are listed below

Program Includes

Goal Setting – helping players to establish long term, short term, and process goals in order to assist them in maximizing their ability.

Game and skill development – Development covering all aspects of the game: Full swing, short game, wedge, play, putting, course management etc.

Tournament Planning – planning a schedule that will push the player in the competitive arena, while maximizing their exposure. Tournament schedules will vary based on the families financial ability.

On Course Evaluation– Finding a player’s strengths and weaknesses is key in understanding how to structure each player’s practice regimen.

College counseling – understanding which programs will offer the right atmosphere to attain both the academic requirements and the golf arena in which to continue growth in both the classroom and on the golf course.

Resume building – a resume allows a collegiate coach the opportunity to get a snapshot of your ability.

Initiation of contact with college coaches – understanding how to initiate contact with college coaches can be a struggle for most families. It is extremely important to let the college coaches know that you have identified their program as a good fit, and to let them know where your interest level is with respect to their program.

Guidance with collegiate correspondence – understanding that communication between players, parents, and coaches is needed in determining which programs are a good fit. This allows the coach to get to know both the player and family, while allowing the player to get to understand who the coach is.

Physical development (ie. workouts, nutrition, etc) – the game of golf has made some great changes with respect to the physical performance needs of a student-athlete. Players have become stronger and their physical stamina has increased. I believe that it is important for them to start this process prior to entering a school of their choice.

Exposure – once schools have been identified by the student athlete, it is important to have the proper scheduling and academic achievements to allow the coaches to understand that you are the right fit for their program.

How to get Started

30 minutes of range time, on-course evaluation. TPI Screening, short game assessment, putting assessment and debriefing of player’s total game.

What to expect in the Initial Stages

  • Timeline Setting and Evaluation
  • Tournament Evaluation Meeting
  • Tournament Scheduling Meeting
  • Goal Setting Session
  • College Contact Guidance and Initiation
  • Golf and Academic Resume Building Assistance
  • Aimpoint Education
  • Information seminars for Parent and Student
  • Game development and practice plans

For pricing of the CPP please schedule an Evaluation by email or calling 702-575-8829

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To comply with NCAA Bylaws, Matt Henderson or TPC Las Vegas do not market a prospective student athlete’s ability or reputation, negotiate or promise scholarships or serve as an agent in anyway. Matt Henderson provides counsel and advice for perspective student athletes and his or her family. All fees are due in advance and are not contingent on a prospective student athlete either being recruited to play golf in college or receiving any institutional financial aid.