Coaching Programs



I strive to provide the best instructional experience for everyone that come to the lesson tee.  Which is exactly why there are many lesson options to choose from, including private, group, on course and corporate.  Below are a few offerings and rates.


1 Hour lesson


Half Day: 3 Hour Private


Full Day Program: 8 Hour Private


9-Hole Course Evaluation

$375 (Greens fees included)

Travel Coaching

Daily Rates Apply + Travel Expenses






The Future of Golf Instruction 

These programs are designed to develop a player by providing consistent one on one training in conjunction with weekly supervised practice sessions. All of the following programs are a minimum commitment of 3 months. After 3 months you will simply be month to month.


Included Supervised Practice 

Simply put this is the most efficient way to train. Three times a week  I will hold a supervised practice session where all program members are welcome to attend. Based upon what we have worked on in our private sessions, I will give you the feedback you need to ensure you are practicing correctly and moving forward with your goals.  This provides a perfect environment to ask questions, use my training aids, or simply make friends and enjoy being immersed in the game. All is fair game and the added value for you being a member of my training program.*


Tuesday 12:00 pm

Wednesday 5:00 pm **

Saturday 10:00 am



Gray Program 1 Private Hour Per Month $150/ Month
Scarlet Program 2 Private Hours Per Month $250/ Month
White Program 4 Private Hours Per Month $450/ Month
Black Program 8 Private Instruction Hours Per Month $800 / Month
TOUR Experience Unlimited Coaching access $14,450 / Year



* Practice ball must be purchased in golf the shop prior to Supervised practice

** Wednesday time runs March - October. November - February will be at a different time due to time change