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Half Day Wedge Clinic

This three-hour golf clinic will teach you to be more efficient from 80 yards and in.  This clinic will focus on three shots: the chip shot, the toss shot, and the pitch shot. In addition to the personalized instruction, you will receive two Callaway wedges of your choice, a $295 value – This is included in the $299.99 tuition!!!    We will fit you for the wedges with the correct loft and bounce configurations based on your swing characteristics.
·         4:1 student to teacher ratio
·         3 hours of instruction 
·         State of the art video analysis
·         Custom wedge fitting
·         2 Callaway wedges of your choice
·         On hand Callaway demos

$299 w/ Custom Callaway Wedges

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Saturday, October 27, 2018  SIgn Up


Putting School

This golf school focuses keenly on Putting, something that comprises 43% of the average golfers round.  This school will focus on 1) What better putting actually looks like 2) how to properly practice to improve and 3) how to take this work confidently to the course time and again.

Conducted exclusively at TPC Las Vegas, this school provides  targeted program for improved putting in an intuitive format. To sign up please click on the dates below.

$199/ Student

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Three Day Golf School

My most popular golf school. The three day golf school not only comes with comprehensive full swing and short game training, but also includes on-course instruction. After a complete analysis utilizing video and launch monitor technology, a complete comprehensive building block approach will be established for each golfer. The three day golf program includes:

·         18 hours of Golf Instruction
·         Max Group size of 4
·         3 days of golf after instruction
·         On-course training
·         Summarized Practice Project
·         Lunch daily
·         Daily Video Summaries

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To book your Golf School please call 702-575-8829

*Rates above are not inclusive of accommodations. Minimum of (2) students may be required.


Two Day School

This opportunity combines the best of individual instruction with advanced coaching techniques. It is an intensive two day program designed to give you a full game plan with your full swing and short game. The two day program includes:
·         12 hours of Golf Instruction
·         2 days of golf after instruction
·         Lunch daily
·         Summarized Practice Project
·         Daily Video Summaries

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 To book your Golf School please call 702-575-8829

*Rates above are not inclusive of accommodations. Minimum of (2) students may be required.

Custom Private Training

Don’t see exactly what you are looking for? It is possible to customize your own 1- to 5-day experience on the dates and times you prefer.  Perfect for singles, couples or small groups, our private training golf schools allow more focused time to spend on the areas of your game that need the most attention.
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